Through the drops

PhotographerАлександр Камакаев
City/CountryKrasnoyarsk, Russian Federation
Entry Description

Съемка в студии через стекло с каплями

About Photographer

Born on October 11, 1970, in a small Siberian town in the family of an engineer and a Russian language teacher."My father was into photography, so the mystery of the image showing on the clean piece of paper was the first real magic that seriously got me interested. On my 7-th birthday I received my first camera as a gift - Smena-8M. When 9 years old, I by myself recreated the entire cycle of the classic 'wet' development process. Of Silver Halogenides I knew nothing then, but it did not prevent me from preparing a film developer (according to the recipe from an old manual ), a fixing solution, etc. all the way to glossing of the prints. This way i've got my first photo prints. In middle school I got involved with painting, which temporarily phased out the photography from my life. After turning 29, I bought a new Japanese camera and felt a dire need to take pictures.I voraciously read books, articles on internet, took picutres, experiemented, looked deeply into the works of masters, sent my works to sites, learned to learn from criticism...The efforts did not go for nothing. In a year, in 2001, I received my first award: a first place in a 'landscape' category at the international photo competition 'Olympus' in Kiev. In 2003 was accepted into the Union of photo artists of Russia. In 2005 set up my first personal photo exhibition. In 2008 I received my first international awards- two Blue ribbons FIAP, an ISF Diploma, a gold medal of the III International Salon 'With love to women'. In 2011 I received an international title AFIAP (Artist FIAP).In 2012 I received an international title EFIAP/b (Excellence FIAP bronze). Had 11 personal exhibitions, and works were displayed in 41 countries