Future Is Now

PhotographerOlessia Islamova
PrizeBronze in АРХИТЕКТУРА / Architecture / Buildings
City/CountryRussian Federation
Entry Description

In the middle of the past (XX) century we all had thought of what our future will look like. We’ve imagined great spaceships, buildings of glass and metal, light and shining. We’ve truly believed that the time when everyone will travel freely between the planets is somewhere near. It is interesting to read futuristic novels, where after 2000th a magic time come. And it is unbelievable how close and yet how far we are from their predictions. We have mobile phones, Internet, we can get any information in a blink of an eye. But cosmic space still is a dream for humans. Yet, this dream is alive. If we take a closer look to our modern architecture, for example, didn’t it reminds the Future we’ve imagined? The Future, that already came. This photographs are made in 2016 in Saint Petersburg. It is an architecture of contemporary business centres and trade malls. Every day we see this buildings and even don’t think they can be beautiful somehow. To say the truth, most people think they are ugly. We see them, but we don’t recognize them, — our children’s fantasies, described in the books we’ve read hundreds of time.

About Photographer

Part-time photographer, working on personal projects. Based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Shoot both film and digital. Spheres of interest: documentary and art photography.