The happiness.

PhotographerNina Anik Kiseleva
PrizeBronze in РЕДАКЦИОННАЯ ФОТОГРАФИЯ / Editorial / Feature Story/ Photo Essay
City/CountryMoscow, Russian Federation
Entry Description

This is the story about the absolute happiness. Svilena and Nicola live in a trailer and have several horses. They have to move to a new place every year searching for a new comfortable place and good fields for their horses. They have three kids, the eldest son goes to primary school. I have never met such happy people. They don`t have some objects in their everyday life which other people use, not many creature comforts – they refused so consciously. But they have the true love and harmony with nature in their life. Their children look like little angels. They are different from other children. They play on the ground, with kittens, dogs, and horses around them. These children are not naughty and are not aggressive at all. Their eyes are shining and interested in everything in the big and beautiful world around. People come to Svilena and Nikola very often to ride the horses and just for the communication. They have a lot of friends and they are welcomed everywhere. They are absolutely open and ready to share their happiness.