PhotographerStanislav Sitnikov
PrizeGold in ЛЮДИ / People / Culture
City/CountryMoscow, Russian Federation
Entry Description

The young man working in the museum sits on a chair and looks in phone. The picture is made in one of the museums of Paris.

About Photographer

Artist, photographer. Alternate member of the Artists Union. Member of the Union of Photographers of Russia since 2011. Winner and participant of exhibitions nationwide photo contest The Best of Russia in 2010 and The Best of Russia 2011. The winner of the international competition of contemporary fine art ArtPreview 2011 Winner of Best Photographer 2011. Winner of Silver Camera 2012 - exhibition RUS-ART PHOTO 2013 - exhibition Young Photographers Russia 2013 In 2013 he completed an internship in Germany, in Dusseldorf (September-October). 17.10.2013 - 27.10.2013 - Exhibition in Dusseldorf. -exhibition Silver Camera 2013. -exhibition Silver Camera 2014. -exhibition Young photographers of Russia in 2014 -exhibition PCA SALON Grand Exhibition 2015