spoon, fork, knife = flower

PhotographerOksana Moroziuk
PrizeGold in ИЗОБРАЗИТЕЛЬНОЕ ИСКУССТВО / Fine Art / Still Life
City/CountryMoscow, Russian Federation
Entry Description

Все цветы сделаны из самых обыденных предметов: пластиковые ножи, вилки и ложки. Я создала эти цветы, чтобы сохранить живые. All flowers are made from the most ordinary objects: plastic knives, forks and spoons. I created these flowers, to keep alive.

About Photographer

    A little bit about myself;     I have already successfully completed 5 years of studies into photography, to become a more professional photographer. I was trained at the school of photography at the VGIK(all-Russian state University of cinematography) - course «Photographer» and the course«Art photography».   The training helped me to understand the actual art of photography and to find my own «handwriting» in it. I always wanted to create art picture something new and have so far developed a technology of manually processing pictures, reminiscent of collage, this method of execution I gave the name «mosaic collage», it is difficult and laborious, but the result is worth it. This technique allows me to extend imprints on the photo space, make it plastic and flimsy, and changing the rhythm of pictures, to focus the viewer,s attention to important details, chosen by the author.   I still continue my attempt and further develop my technique.