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PhotographerYulia Naganova Fine Art Photography for me is an amazing method of self-expression and sharing the rich world of emotions with the viewers. Creating the emotional and unusual photographs, editing
PrizeSilver in ИЗОБРАЗИТЕЛЬНОЕ ИСКУССТВО / Fine Art / Other_F
City/CountryUnited States
Entry Description

I adore playing with the natural light and colorful glass. These simple tools allow me to create unusual images full of mystery and uncertainty.

About Photographer

Yulia Naganova is a California-based fine art photographer who specializes in still life and food photography. Yulia was born in sunny Uzbekistan and spent 15 years of her life there. Cold, windy and absolutely gorgeous Saint-Petersburg became her second home city for the next 12 years. In 2011 she moved to London with her husband and 2 sons and fell in love with this city! But sometimes life's plans are not like ours and she had to leave UK after 4 years. She currently lives and works in California. Yulia’s photographs has been exhibited at galleries including The Palo Alto Art Center (CA, USA), The Darkroom Gallery (VT, USA), The Palo Alto Art League (CA, USA), The Ellington-White Contemporary Art Gallery (NC, USA). Some of her works were published in Pixels magazine and Black and White Photography Magazine. In addition to creating her own artwork, Yulia also teaches mobile photography workshops.