Sounds of nature

PhotographerMatrosova Dasha
PrizeGold in Реклама / Advertising / Music
Entry Description

THIS PHOTO SHOOT WASN’T CREATED BY CHANCE. THERE WERE MANY REASONS FOR IT AND ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES WERE CHIEF AMONG THEM.UNFORTUNATELY, THE ENVIRONMENT OF OUR PLANET HAS SEEN BETTER TIMES. EACH YEAR THEY BUILD MORE AND MORE SKYSCRAPERS AND COVER THE ROADS WITH ASPHALT WHILE DESTROYING THE TREES AND NATURE IN GENERAL. We live in a gadget generation. Pursuing new technologies became a part of our lives. And I won’t lie – it is interesting! What’s important is the fact that mankind ruthlessly eradicates forests, drains seas, extracts natural resources from the heart of the planet just to trade them for money.With the help of my photos I wanted to show that the mankind must give nature a chance. We need to be closer to it and treat it with deep love and respect. If I could add audio effects to my photos, these will be the sounds of forests, sea and the silence that you can hear at the top of the mountain.