Amazing Kazakhstan

PhotographerDarkembayev Zhainar
PrizeSilver in ЛЮДИ / People / Children
City/CountryAlmaty, Kazakhstan
Entry Description

Photo Story - Assy plateau – In the four-hour drive from Almaty city there is a place where you can fully experience the atmosphere of a nomadic life. Assy plateau - is a large valley in the hills, where in the summer there are inhabited yurts, shepherds with their entire families and the spirit of boundless Zhailau. Highland Assy plateau is a summer pasture through which at one time ran the way of caravans from Europe and Central Asia, China and India. Shepherds wander four times a year and stripped on zhailau considered the most difficult. Usually I drive to Assy three or four times every summer. We live in tents or yurts. Even in July, the nights are cold and the temperature drops below zero. Assa is located about 130 kilometers from the city.

About Photographer

Фотограф из г. Алматы (Казахстан).