Towards to the past

PhotographerAnton Unitsyn
Prize1st Place in РЕДАКЦИОННАЯ ФОТОГРАФИЯ / Editorial
City/Country???????????, Russian Federation
Entry Description

In the 16th century Solvichegodsk was found as a solt mine. The name of the city is formed with russian word "sol" wich means salt, and the name of the nearby river Vichegda. In that times, salt was qite expensive and valuable, what made city prosperous. Since that time salt had lost it's meaning to the russian economy. Today no one is intrested in Solvichegodsk salt, and the unique therapeutic mud is the last money resourse of the city, because most of the production shutted down after breakdown of USSR. Since 1992 till now, Solvichegodsk population had reduced by half. After breakdown of the communism, Solvichegodsk as many small towns in russia is stuck in it's past. Despite everything, people in Solvichegodsk still belive in their positive future, and wait for wind of change.

About Photographer

Was born in 1986. From 2006 - amateur photographer. In 2009 graduated form novosibirsk state univercity with master degree of physics. Two more years have been phd student, after that stopped science career and gone into professional photography since 2011. Photojournalist, freelancer.