PhotographerElena Glazunova
PrizeBronze in ОСОБАЯ / Special / Special Effects
City/CountryRussian Federation
Entry Description

Icon it is a religion object, it is not real. It is another reversed world, another range. It is transfigured world without visible things perfect and eternal. First time when we look at the icon we find that is as a work of art, familiar with the well known subject. People try to find famous sings of the iconography and disclose the value of the familiar characters and symbols. After that between us and the icon establishing the connection, the contact with something infinite and boundless and we are involved in complex relationships, moving from the visible to the invisible. It is not only the system of complex relationships that can't be simple relationship between subject and object. In the view of classical philosophy it is not an assume the subject-object opposition. What is a man? The object, subject or someone between? To describe the technique of this project I introduced the concept of "the art-report". Art-report it is one or several photos of a certain place or event. They are not staged. They have a special processing that can highlight the most important thing in each picture with a help of special processing - the method of removal of superfluous details (brushing). Adding details is prohibited. Not a photo collage and photomontage. All photos for the project are made in the framework of the exhibition "300 great icons from the collection of Felix Komarov" that was held in November in Moscow Manege.