PhotographerAnna Hoffman
City/CountryМосква, Russian Federation
Entry Description

This is a story about mille's daughter whose maiden beauty combines with marmoreal monumentality and strength of her body. Gretchen's wild dance like a religious ecstasy foreshadows of an impending war between Catholics and Protestants. The red coat which she put on herself is a harbinger of desasters, the Holy Inquisition and the plague.

About Photographer

Anna Hoffman was born in Leningrad in 1986. 2009 - 2015 The Russian Academy of Arts. Master's degree in History of Arts. Since 2010 works as a professional art-photographer. Lives and works in Saint-Petersburg. 2010–exhibition took place in Paris in the Laurent Godard Gallery.2013 – photos from the series Ballet were acquired by the fund of the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.2014 – the title of the Best Russian Photographer (according to IPA version) and Award Nomination the International Photographer of the Year in New York. 2014 – photos by Anna Hoffman were exhibited in the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg within 3th Biennale of Contemporary Photography.2015 – a personal exhibition in the restaurant Sky Lounge in Moscow.2015 – the title of the finalist of Arte Laguna Prize, The exposition at the Nappe of the Arsenale in Venice. 2015 – was awarded an Honorable Mention by the Prix de la Photographie, Paris (Px3).