Norilsk. Images and shadows.

PhotographerEugene Schemilin
PrizeSilver in АРХИТЕКТУРА / Architecture / Cityscapes
City/CountryNorilsk, Russian Federation
Entry Description

Day by day, month after month, year after year, time flies. Before you wake up, you go back to sleep. Home, road, work, home, road, work, home. Endless cycle. And in this gray mass of recurring events, suddenly you notice images, lines, figures, shadows or spots that do not fit into the system, which are constituent parts of a certain state, feeling or emotion. And there is an irresistible urge to create an image. I live in the far north, a place that is ambiguous. On the one hand - the remnants of the Soviet romantic scum "about the conquerors of the north" with the struggle with the elements, unique natural phenomena and production victories in extreme conditions. And on the other hand - the corporate business model "irreplaceable no" with dress codes, corporate ethics and thousands of rules, why in the head periodically there are thoughts to throw everything to hell. Although all this ceases to matter, when suddenly you notice images, lines, shapes, shadows or spots ...

About Photographer

CV Родился 25 февраля 1980 года в г. Фрунзе Киргизская ССР. В Норильске (Россия) проживаю с 1982 года. Членство: C 2007 году член союза фотохудожников России C 2008 председатель фотоклуба «ТАЙМЫР» (г. Норильск) Образование: Мастер-классы и курсы: 2015 - Яна Романова 2014 - Екатерина Богачевская 2014 - Надежда Шереметова 2010-2013 - Алексей Никишин 2011 - Валерий Нистратов 2010 - Сергей Максимишин 2010 - Дмитрий Конрадт 2010 - Светлана Пожарская 2008 - Александр Камакаев 2008 - Александр Купцов 2008 - Александр Кустов 2008 - Алексей Бушов