PhotographerLeonid Dutov
PrizeGold in ОСОБАЯ / Special / Travel, Tourism
Entry Description

mobile photo, unstaged HumanSpace is an ongoing project about the microcosmos of the human being. It emerged as a result of realization that the accelerating pace of development of the information-driven technosphere, as a constituent part of globalization, leaves behind the adaptability of people and our capacity to understand the degree of the changes happening to us. Ten years ago, when Facebook was started, it was impossible to imagine that social networks would be able to compete with traditional media, yet now we discuss virtual bots influencing public opinion, political processes and demography, we wage hybrid wars, we feel addicted to the Web, we study how we can manage desktops of our smartphones in order to minimize our desire to get yet another dose of useless information, often originating not from people, and en masse we we are into meditation practices trying to save our identities.