PhotographerNatalie Gabeeva
PrizeSilver in ЛЮДИ / People / Self-Portrait
City/CountryRussian Federation
Entry Description

This story is about me and millions of women this world who are unable to become a mother. For the past two years, I appeal to many doctors, but they are United by only one thing - it's indifference. You are asked to help pay a lot of money, but it only gets worse. I understand how hard a woman in such a situation. My photography, I want to show everyone that we have our global problem. I want you to pay attention to us, you supported us. I also want this photo was a great support for all women around the world who are unable to become a mother. You are not alone on this difficult journey, I am with you. Every day, I turn to God with prayers. I believe that the day will come when we will become mothers.