14° 55′ 15″ N 23° 30′30″ W

PhotographerNatalia Bazina
PrizeGold in ЛЮДИ / People / Culture
City/CountryRussian Federation
Entry Description

Figures showing the position of a place in the world. But no figure can express the emotions of people living at this place! It is about their emotions and energy, their happyness and sadness! It is about the essence of our life. Cabo Verde is a place in the world where you feel the energy – everywhere and in every moment. People here are laughing happy like kids and crying in deep sadness. And in a silent moment you can feel their inner vibrations in the hot dusty air.

About Photographer

Родилась в Ленинграде. Окончила Мухинскую Академию, факультет графического дизайна. Креативный директор, арт-директор рекламного агентства bazina.sass+. Живу и работаю в Москве и Берлине.